Toyota Etios Cross Vs Honda Brio

There has been a lot of hustle bustle in the hatchback segment of Indian car market. Almost every known car maker is trying to tap this segment and get the best out of it. However, the sole king of the hatchback segment is Maruti Swift, but there have been many others who gave a tough fight to Swift and managed to make a slight displacement in its position. One such car was Honda Brio. The car swoop the market with a storm and allured so many in one go. The beautiful rear with the compact appearance was the highlight of this car. To challenge it, Toyota has come up with the fresh and exciting hatch, called Toyota Etios Cross, which shares its DNA with its Etios Sibling. It certainly keeps the capacity to take over.


Toyota Etios Cross Exteriors vs Honda Brio Exteriors

The exteriors of both the cars are unique in their own ways. The sporty appearance combined well with the sophistication is one key point of Etios Cross exteriors. While the all glass rear of Honda Brio is very appealing to the eye. Apart from this, Honda Brio has a very compact appearance, with a compact bonnet on the front with well-shaped headlights. The chrome hints are subtle. On the other hand, Etios is bold and beautiful. The strong persona with strong character lines steals the show. Size wise too, Toyota Etios Cross is impressive and undoubtedly a step higher than Brio.

Toyota Etios Cross Interiors vs Honda Brio Interiors

Coming to the interiors, the spacious and airy cabin Toyota Etios Cross has an upper hand. The front cabin provides a lot of legroom and headroom, while the same is available for the rear seat passengers. The sophistication is maintained with the elegant interior theme. The air conditioning system is excellent and very powerful. The entertainment system is no less as it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, Aux-in and USB support. The speakers give away exclusive sound with bass and treble. On the other hand, Honda Brio has pleasing interiors too, but the lack of space as compared to Cross make it lag behind a bit.

Toyota Etios Cross Engine vs Honda Brio Engine

Engine department of Toyota Etios Cross is much more updated and better than Honda Brio. The reason behind is that Honda Brio is not being offered in diesel variant yet. Therefore, with an extra option, Cross wins the race. If we compare the mileage delivery of the petrol variants of both hatchbacks, Brio gives away slightly more mileage than Cross. Brio manages to give 18.9kmpl of fuel economy, while Etios Cross delivers 17.7kmpl of mileage.

Toyota Etios Cross Price vs Honda Brio Price

Pricing strategy of Etios Cross is very competitive and smart. The car maker has made the base model of Rs. 6.0 lakh. But on the other hand, Honda Brio is much compact, therefore the price is less than that of Cross. You can take away home your Brio in Rs.4.05 lakh.

Therefore, both being smart and sassy hatchbacks are giving a tough competition to each other. But according to us, Etios is a better choice, as more space, diesel engine option and the killer looks are worth every penny.

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